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An unusual account based on the construction of a stone hut in rural Spain. Brings to life the characters and characteristics of the area through the trials, tribulations and tales of a  commuting amateur builder.

Rolling Stones in Spain

Solo Loco

This tale begins with a garden and ends with a party, neatly sandwiching a unique insight into rural Spain through the eyes, ears and toil of an Englishman with roots in both countries. The story centres on the construction of a stone hut, and through that bursts into a compendium of glimpses into the lives of the locals and a variety of incomers. Dodging between sheer hard work, cultural confusion and social outings, here is a story which is sometimes amusing yet at others provides a revealing picture of Spain which is far removed from its seaside or cities.

It covers five years of hard graft and compensatory celebration. During that time Rob Walters made the thousand mile trek from his base in England to his building site in a remote part of Spain many times. The locals thought him mad, but harmless, and encouraged him in his madness.  His English friends thought him crazy, but out of mind whilst out of sight. Work and play is nicely interwoven with visits to the village bar, local events and fiestas. Readers will be touched by the contagious magic of village life and entertained by the literal ups and downs of an amateur builder abroad. This is a work to enjoy from a diverse and versatile author, whether the reader is a lover of all things Spanish, a traveller, a second home owner, a would-be builder, or just plain inquisitive and appreciative of a good tale well told.


Rolling Stones Sample

116,000 words

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