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Haunted Oxford is Rob’s popular book on the ghosts of Oxford. It is written in an interrogational style.

Haunted Oxford

In the introduction to this book Rob shows that Oxford is one of the most haunted cities in England. He then goes on to conduct interviews with “eye witnesses” who have experienced a selection of the chilling hauntings.

Chapter 1: Innocent Ghosts

The strange apparition and death of a black man on one of Oxford’s most famous bridges and the sad death of a young lady who begged the hangman to swing her low for the sake of decency.

Chapter 2: Royal Ghosts

A recurrent spectacle of the beautiful mistress of a long dead king and the horrifying account of the gruesome death of an earlier monarch.

Chapter 3: Overweight and Overpowering Ghosts

Frightening ghosts that weigh down the bed and overpower the mind.

Chapter 4: Nameless Monastic Ghosts

A selection from the many stories of hooded monks that haunt the city and its colleges.

Chapter 5: Stone Ghosts

More substantial hauntings that have been photographed and touched, one of which is now safely incarcerated within a chapel.

Chapter 6: Intelligent Ghosts of the Colleges

Idiosyncrasy is a by-word for the Oxford Don and these hauntings reinforce that characteristic.

Chapter 7: Dutiful Ghosts of the Civil War

Oxford became the capital of England for four years during the Civil War and so began the city’s most productive period for spirits – including the chivalrous Colonel Windebank and the murderous lover.

Chapter 8: Elusive Ghosts of the Pubs and Inns

Watering holes are a favourite and fruitful source of ghostly encounters and these include a sighting in Oxford’s most famous literary pub, the Eagle and Child.


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