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Rob Walters as Speaker

Oxford and Stow on the Wold. City and Cotswolds!

About Rob

I’m Rob Walters and I live in central Oxford where I am a qualified guide and a writer, and also on the edge of Stow-on-the-Wold where I keep chickens and grow stuff. My main career was in telecommunications and that’s where I began writing books and presenting. Nowadays most of my writing centres on Oxford the city, its university and colleges, although I have also wandered gaily off into fiction, biography and travel.

I give talks in person or over Zoom on a variety of topics, often based on my writing or guiding: my most popular ones just now are based on the story of the Oxford English Dictionary and on the Pubs of Oxford. I make videos and have my own YouTube channel called Rob’s Oxford so you can sample my approach to presentation if you wish - you can get there through my website  homepage at

About my talks
Talks are normally given with PowerPoint so I will need a projector and screen. I can also deliver all talks via Zoom. Some talks can be delivered ‘stand alone’. Please enquire.

Fee details
Fee for Zoom delivery is £60.

If travelling then in person fee is £75 plus travelling expenses at 40p per mile.

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The Talks

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Pubs of Oxford

A concise history of the Oxford English Dictionary

The oldest and the top colleges of Oxford

Women world leaders educated at Oxford

Oxford Rogues

Some interesting Oxford ghosts

Tolkien’s Oxford

North Oxford and the coming of the ladies

Stars of South Asia who studied at Oxford

Being Down, Looking Up: My journey as an itinerant shoe shiner

Battle for Stow

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