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Project yourself into a future  where the rich and accomplished have left their mortal bodies to inhabit a new world in which they are immune to all illnesses and to ageing. Imagine those left behind in a collapsed society ruled by people who quickly devolve into cruel savagery. Travel to the remote stars in search of a new earth where the colonists carry with them the mores of the old one.

3D Futures: the disembodied, the departed and the dispossessed

Driven by current economics, technology and politics, the people of earth gradually take three distinct and separate routes forward. The rich go down, the dispossessed stay put and the adventurous take off.

This book follows their progress through parallel, intimate and gripping story lines where the digitised are terrorised by corruption, the dispossessed are hunted by cannibalistic seekers of immortality and the departed are enslaved by the cultural mores that they carry with them.

3D Futures creates worlds that are exquisitely believable and populates them with characters who test their, so human, traits in extreme conditions. This book is grand in its scope and there will be more to follow.

The parallel worlds created by the author in 3G Futures are maintained as three separate storylines interspersed with ‘historical’ depositions. The linkage between the worlds is loose, but critical to the various plots. Nevertheless, each thread can be read separately if desired and the eBook includes a means of achieving that.

The narratives are low on technical content, yet high on human emotions and character. Even in the world of the disembodied the inhabitants retain their human psyches; some yearn for the impossible: a return to their former bodies. Here the author has used his own experience of computers and communications to create a rational and believable world where the main fear is corruption: a fate that could be worse than death or extinction.

In the world of the departed the story revolves around the awakening love of a young man for a startlingly beautiful, but tragically idealistic young woman who strives  to expose the secrets of the great ship. His callow yearnings lead him to a grand disruption of the life that he has been accustomed to and a complete change in his beliefs and ambitions. He is transformed and takes a pivotal role in a revolution that has been long awaited.

In the world of the dispossessed, life is all about survival: this is a violent world where there is little to hope for except life itself. Yet the human spirit rises above the bestial and begins to aspire to a stability long lost:, a fragile stability that has to be defended against the dark forces that often prevail in the wilderness.


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